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The Information about the Department

The Department of a the Pediatric dentistry is located in the Children’s Dental clinic of the University at the October Revolution avenue, 26,28, the Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital, Semashko street, 3 and the secondary school №
15 at the 50 years VLKSM, 14.
The head of the Department is Victor Vodolatsky, Full- Professor, Doctor of the Medical Sciences.

Currently, there are 15 lectures: 6 of them have academic degrees (1 is the Doctor of the Sciences and 5 are candidates of Medical Sciences.

Second, third, forth and fifth-years students of the Dental Faculty and fifth-years students of the Pediatric Faculty are taught at the Department.
Students from different countries such as Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Greece wish to receive knowledge at the Department of the Pediatric Dentistry.

Main branches of the Scientific activities at the Department are: preventive maintenance of the basic stomatologic diseases of children and teenagers; clinical examination of the children’s population at the dentist; examination, treatment and rehabilitation of children with congenital pathology of maxillofacial area; reconstruction of surgical treatment of defects and deformations of maxillofacial area of children; maxillofacial surgical treatment of malocclusion.
The results of the research and medical work of the employees are reported at the international, all-Union and Russian conferences, proceedings are published in numerous journals, summarized in 6 monographs. There are 13 patents for inventions and 43 rational offers.
Three doctor’s and 17 candidate’s degrees are prepared and defended at the Department. The Members of the Department are closely interconnected with the Department of Health of the Stavropol region.

In general, works are composed as informational letters for dentists and pediatricians of the region, which solve questions of the hospitalization and treatment of children from other regions of Russia, and can be used at the conferences.
Nowadays, the Scientific priorities are approved at the Department for the study of different fields of pediatric dentistry. The researches of 6 candidates’s dissertations have been conducted.

The effectiveness of the Scientific work of the Department is proved by 43 rational proposals and 13 patents for inventions.

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