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International students society of rescuers FAST

In the modern world, the topic of first aid is becoming increasingly relevant. This is due to technological progress, urbanization, the political situation and other factors that directly correlate with the frequency of accidents and emergencies. This aspect in the life of every person is really important, because timely and correctly rendered first aid, for example, with wounds, bleeding, bone fractures, burns, etc. often save not only life, but also the health of the wounded or affected.

Accident, sudden illness are often observed in conditions where there are no necessary medications, dressings, helpers, there are no means of transport immobilization, poor lighting. In such cases, the dedication and activity of the first aid provider are of great importance, so that, as far as their abilities and capabilities are concerned, they will be able to carry out a set of the most accessible and appropriate measures aimed at saving the life of the injured or suddenly ill. This requires knowledge of signs of damage and disease, the principles of first aid. All this was a predictor of the formation of a special non-profit student organization dealing with the problems of first aid.

The First Aid Student Society was organized in 2018, on the basis of the Stavropol State Medical University. The participants of the society, headed by their leaders, have chosen for themselves such goals of activity as:

1. In-depth study of theoretical and practical skills in the field of first aid after an accident, terrorist act and in emergency situations

2. Improving the quality of training for practical health care.

3. Promotion of emergency care

4. Training non-medical citizens in first aid skills

5. Conducting thematic forums, trainings and master classes

6. Scientific activities in the field of optimizing the provision of care at the prehospital stage, the organizational component of prehospital care at various stages of transportation of victims and directly in the focus of an emergency.

This project also makes sense to exist in order to prepare students of a medical university for continuing medical education, when, in parallel with study, students can combine both educational activities and practical training.

Competent and high-quality first aid today is undoubtedly an urgent topic not only for students of medical universities, but also for people without medical education. In order to implement a social project under the motto “to know and to be able to save”, the idea was formed of providing knowledge and skills in providing first aid for citizens not related to medicine, namely, holding a holiday of emergency care and organizing thematic venues for various types of emergency situations.

A distinctive feature of this project is the ability to acquire first aid skills or to consolidate previously acquired by the whole family. Themed relay races were held for children, and instructors in costumes of fairy-tale heroes showed and made it possible for everyone to try to independently help their toys with bleeding, injury, heat stroke, burns, and of course learn the main call of an ambulance by phone, assessing the scene, etc. e. As a result, each young lifeguard received a gift, commemorative badges with the First Aid Kids logo, and the smallest - first-aid coloring books, specially issued for the occasion.

The leader of FAST (First Aid Supporting Team) is Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of General Surgery Oksana Vladimirova Vladimirovna. The structure of the student society of First Aid rescuers includes senior instructor students who show good academic performance, interest in scientific activities and a desire to develop in the framework of a future profession.. All instructors are constantly improving their level of knowledge and abilities, undergo intensive trainings, such as basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automatic external defibrillation (they are certified by the European Council for Resuscitation).

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